Presentada el 05/06/2016

Candidatura para la vuelta al mundo

Ricky Singh

Por la causa 4. Educación de calidad

Education is the key to freedom and change. Not the education we get on the school bench today, but a educational system that will create leaders and free thinkers. A educational system that will help people to understand the root of all the causes, and a solution. A system to improve every aspect of life for human beings. \"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.\" Nelson Mandela

Sobre los 18 y La vuelta al mundo

265 marinos zarparon a dar la Primera Vuelta al Mundo. Solo llegaron 18.
En 2019, 500 años después, vamos a dar otra vuelta al mundo para recaudar 18 millones de euros para 18 causas locales.