Presentada el 03/06/2016

Candidatura para la vuelta al mundo

yuri romero hurtado

Por la causa 4. Educación de calidad

I am a Cuban who live in Indonesia and feels belonging on earth with no border. A human with no anthropocentric point of view but a piece in our natural puzzle. I am maritime archaeologist with 28 years of experience. Former OPS Manager for AWW focus since 2012 in environmental education and the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage. Recently I have founded MAN Forum which aims to help in restoring the human and nature dialogue by targeting environmental and humanitarian issues; “Taking humans into humanity and their humility back to earth” is our motto. I will love to get aboard, to help, to participate and to bring solutions on the table. It’s the opportunity to fulfill a research in anthology of seaman , to continue my efforts to bring sustainability in developing countries and to educate; because at the end is education what will build capacity for sustainable development. Education is core to achieve the 17 others goals..

Sobre los 18 y La vuelta al mundo

265 marinos zarparon a dar la Primera Vuelta al Mundo. Solo llegaron 18.
En 2019, 500 años después, vamos a dar otra vuelta al mundo para recaudar 18 millones de euros para 18 causas locales.