Presentada el 30/05/2016

Candidatura para la vuelta al mundo

Francisco de Asís Leal lozano

Por la causa 10. Reducción de las desigualdades

I participated in as a chef in the trip on USA with el Galeon Andalucia, and the experience was amazing. I would like to parcipatr to travel for a cause, learn and shear knowlage, after two years living in London I just want to do something for the people who is less Fortunate and be more mindfulness with my environment, no matters the conditions I would be happy and glad to help and do whatever it cost to contribute, also have new experiences to make my self better for the communitie, I want to do more for the other with the support of people who what the same, I\'m tired of try change a sistem like my place of work and be stigmatized as a fool who don\'t understand the rules of this world and it feels unfair for me and I believe it is too for more people. Thanks for this you are doing, and I hope participate, eithe way thanks.

Sobre los 18 y La vuelta al mundo

265 marinos zarparon a dar la Primera Vuelta al Mundo. Solo llegaron 18.
En 2019, 500 años después, vamos a dar otra vuelta al mundo para recaudar 18 millones de euros para 18 causas locales.