Presentada el 25/11/2017

Candidatura para la vuelta al mundo

Jose Luis Rodriguez Andradez

Por la causa 13. Acción por el clima

Clean Ocean Water from plastic that affect sea animals and indirectly to human beings and other animals. This issue also affect to climate changing in our world. Climate is changing radically around our planet, our unique home, the real starship that continue travelling the universe since 13.800 millions years ago. Locations in african continent suffer severe droughts that make people move long distance to find water, almost drinkable, even moving their places for that matter. In our country Spain also is suffering droughts that affect people, companies and, therefore, local economies. Other places have more quantities of tropical storm than ever, highest temperatures than ever, longest rainy times than ever in some places. This must change, not only for the future of our species, for rest living beings and the health our future. My firstly action would be talk with authorities and recycling plastic plants to remove from the ocean those floating plastic islands, secondly help locals authorities to use the proper ways to prevent pollution, so all together make a better world for a better life of living beings of the future.

Sobre los 18 y La vuelta al mundo

265 marinos zarparon a dar la Primera Vuelta al Mundo. Solo llegaron 18.
En 2019, 500 años después, vamos a dar otra vuelta al mundo para recaudar 18 millones de euros para 18 causas locales.