Selection process

For the world tour

Nauta Profile

All the candidates must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Speaking English.
  2. Being 18 years old or more.
  3. Being really compromised with the project.

It will also be positively valuated:
– Having nautical skills.
– Speaking several languages.

“The Nauta is a proactive element, always adding and never diverting. Someone with leadership capacities and responsible. An adventurous person, who is always ready to live new experiences and exit the comfort zone. The Nauta has the predisposition to learn and get better, to stop and think about it. Nautas try to overcome themselves. They are creative and witty. They are part of the team, they are the cornerstone of something’s greater, that’s how they know that team work is essential. Even so, the Nauto isn’t dependent. The Nauta is someone who brings value to the whole team and to the entire project.”

Ways of participating

The process to become a Nauta consists of 3 simple stages:

1. Submit the application and get votes:
It’s the first step for us to see that you are committed to the project. It identifies a specific problem that requires citizen attention, tells us about its urgency and provide a concrete solution for to help solve this problem. By the way… you can get more votes by sharing the application on social networks!

2. Develop a personal work:
Choose a SDGs and develop an action plan to achieve it. All the submitted works will be evaluated by a jury composed of helmsmen and experts of recognized prestige in the field of sustainability. In this phase, ingenuity, creativity and skills will be valuated. Along with the work you must send a copy of the resume.

3. Do an interview:
We want to get to know you a little bit more!
For this project we need people able to break molds, to think transgressively, to generate intelligent notoriety and to dream of sailing around the world. What are you waiting for to send your application?

Sign up from the button Sign up! Identify a specific problem that requires citizen attention, tells us about its urgency and provides a concrete solution for to help solve this problem.
Share your application in Networks and help us spread our platform.
Candidates who bring more value to the project, who are more voted on, who better promote platform in their networks and who help us get closer to our goal, will become “Nautas” and will be part of the team of people who manage the project.
In each of the 18 stops, we will select the 18 most committed nautas that have contributed the more to the fulfillment of their mission.
If you need more information you can email us at

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