Frecuent questions

What is it “Los 18”?

Los18 is social initiative aiming to promote sustainable development. Our mission is to transform this planet in a better place for all, inspiring people and organizations through epic actions related to SDGs.

What is the goal of “”?

Our goal is to promote contributive actions in the sustainable development field; our most notorious action being the world’s circumnavigation. During that journey we will foster awareness and civil commitment with the SDGs, strengthening the 2030 Agenda alliances.
At the end of the trip we will share our legacy through a white book’s edition that will be presented to the UN.

Why now?

Between 2019 and 2022 we will be celebrating the 500 years anniversary of the first World Circumnavigation and it’s the best moment to re-think and re-make globalization in a sustainable perspective.

When does the boat depart?

The current plan is to leave during 2021 first trimester, nonetheless, the final date will depend on the obtaining of sponsorships.

How long will last the journey?

The length of the trip would approximately be a year and a half, divided in 18 stages, each one lasting 3 weeks.

How many people will get on board?

It will highly depend on the chosen ship’s capacity.

I would like to participate, what should I do?

To find out how you can join the adventure visit the section “Selection process”.
The nautas are the candidates who will finally travel on the ship

What levels of application are there?

The more votes you have, the more chances you have to sail around the world. Get more votes and level up!

1-1000 votes your application is ADVENTUROUS
1001-10.000 votes your application is VISIONARY
+ 10.001 votes your application is LEGEND

The election will be based on the votes received, the involvement of the candidate and the approval of a jury formed by the helmsmen and experts of recognized prestige in the field of Sustainability.

Does enrolling in “” commit me to anything?

No, entering the database and receive our communications. The use and handling of your data is private and confidential. You can unsubscribe at any time. See the Legal Information and Privacy Policy.

Can I be part of “” without sailing on the boat?

Of course! You can become a volunteer, if you’re considering it for sure you have the “Gen18”. Join us from the “Volunteers”section.

I’m a company, how can I participate?

Contact us from the Sponsorship-RSC button (at the end of our page).
If you need more information you can email us at
You can also call (+34) 650 081 557 and ask for Alberto, who will help you resolve your doubts.

Do you want to become Nauta?

Send in your application!